Reservation | Avida Towers | Condo in the Philippines


STEP 1: Check Availability

Check the availability of your chosen property. Contact your Seller or Property Specialist and ask him to check the property's availability. If you don't have a Seller or Property Specialist, let us assign them for you. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

STEP 2: Pay Your Reservation

Reservation fee is P 100,000 Ayala Land Premier projects. P 50,000 Alveo Land Corp., projects P 20,000 (Avida Land projects). From the menu of remittance options below, choose the one most convenient for you:

Direct deposit to the appropriate BPI account
Bank-to-bank wire transfer (with proof of wire transfer)
Payment through remittance centers
Online credit card payment

Note: The proof of remittance/deposit should be faxed to Ayala Land along with or to follow the Reservation Agreement Form. Be sure to coordinate with your Seller for the completion of documentary requirements needed for reservation. The documents and Installment Application Form (for bank-financed purchases) must be submitted on or before Day 7 from the day you sent in your Reservation Agreement Form.

Upon confirmation that Ayala Land has received your Reservation Fee, you will receive an Official Receipt (OR) for Reservation and a Welcome Letter. Please note that the reservation period is valid only for thirty (30) days from the date of reservation. This means that on or before Day 30, either full payment of the total purchase price or the downpayment of an installment purchase must be made.